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Thyroid Disorders


  • Thyroid diseases are more comman than diabetes or            heart disease  .Incidence of hypothyroidism in women is higher than men and it hits hardest during pregnancy,mid-life,and older age.
  • Thyroid disease can affect every system and cell in the body,leaving it valnerable to heart disease, osteoporosis,and other illnesses.
  • The American Thyroid Association recommends that everyone over 35 years-especially woman should be screened for thyroid disorders.
  • Thyroid screening is also recommended on all women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.Thyroid profile(Serum TSH,Free T4,Free T3 and Anti TPO) may be performed on every patient having symptoms or risk factors ,irrespective of age or sex.
Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism
Weight Gain       Slow Heartbeat
Dry skin             Cold Intolerance
Infertility             Forgetfulness
Puffy Face          Brittle Nails
Joint Pains         Heavy Menstrual Periods
Depression         Muscle Aches
Coarse Hair        Constipation   
Weight Loss             Nervousness & Irritability
Rapid Heartbeat         Infertility
Sweating & Heat        Warm & Moist palms
Intolerance Enlarged   Thyroid
Hair Loss Muscle        Weakness
Tremor of fingers         Menstrual periods
Bulging Eyes              Bowel Movement
Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  • Significant number of patients who are screened for thyroid disease have marginally increased serum TSH(thyrotropin-stimulating hormone)levels but their free thyroxine(t4) levels are within normal limits.This state,termed "subclinical hypothyroidism" is commonly an early stage of hypothyroidism.
  • Subclinical Hypothyroidism is quite common amongst ladies and older persons.
  • Clinical suspicion of hypothyroidism may be delayed because symptoms such as fatigue and constipation,and other early manifestations of thyroid failure may be attributed to aging itself.
Test of Thyroid Thyroid Disorders

TSH,Free T4 & Free T3

Anti-Thyroid Antibodies:

Anti TPO & Anti TG(Optional)
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