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Ayurvedic System - Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Meditation is one of the best ways to relax, dissolve stress, and allow the body to heal. It is often the first-line treatment of heart disease in Ayurveda. It calms the mind, nerves and emotions.

Copper Water : Drinking water purified by keeping it over night in a copper vessel will help prevent arteriosclerosis.

Diet: Avoid food with a high fat content, such as fatty fried food, ice cream, heavy meats, and cheese. Some foods may actually help to reduce cholesterol. These include:

  • Oatmeal
  • Corn
  • Apples
  • Fresh fruit juice, such as orange or grapefruit
  • Millet
  • Most fresh vegetables

Excercise: Excercise is very important for a healthy heart. The type of excercise recommended depends on your age, level of fitness, and mind-body constitutional type (tri doshas). For example, kaphas need the most vigorous excercise; vatas need the least, with pittas in the middle.

Ayurvedic practitioners also recommend yoga breathing excercise and asanas


Herbs are used extensively in Ayurveda. The treatment of heart diseases is no exception. Herbs are used to strengthen and heal the heart.

Arjuna: Arjuna is a coronary vasodilator. It protects the heart, strengthens circulation, and helps to maintain the tone and health of the heart muscle. It is also useful in stopping bleeding and to promote healing after a heart attack.

Take 1/2 teaspoon (500 milligrams to one gram) 3 times a day with honey and warm water.

Ginger:Ginger is important for a healthy heart. Ayurvedic physicians suggest that eating a little bit of ginger every day will help to prevent heart attack.

Make fresh ginger tea by boiling a little grated or sliced ginger in a cup or two of water. You can also grate a little ginger and add it to rice and/or soup.

Garlic:Garlic reduces cholesterol, strengthens the circulation, and acts as a decongestant.

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