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Instructions for Blood Glucose test with Haemo-Glukotest 20-800 R


  1. Cleanse finger. Prick finger by pressing platform of Autoclix firmly against the finger tip as illustrated
  2. Gently massage the finger to obtain a large sized drop of blood large enough to cover both test zones completely
  3. Put the test strip on a clean,fat Surface, Apply drop of blood without letting the skin touch the test zones Start timing
  4. Leave blood on test strip zones for one minute. Do not spread or smear the blood
  5. Hold test stnp firmly against clear flat surface. Wipe with clean cotton wool-repeat twice with clean area of cotton. Leave test strip for one more minute
  6. Compare test zones With colour blocks on vial label Record your results (The reaction colours remall stable giving you ample time to read or recheck your results)

If your reading at 2 minutes IS above 300mg/100ml (167 mmol/1), the reaction is not complete. Wait a further minute then read again

When reading values below 120mg/100ml (6.7 mmol/1) give priority to the lower block which matches the colour on lower light blue test zone

When reading values above 120ml/ 100 ml (6.7 mmol/1) give priority to the upper block which matches the colour on the upper sage/ dark green test zone

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