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HydroTherapy - Improving the Immune System


The skin is the largest detoxifying organ of the body. It also stores specific antibacterial forces built up by water, air and light stimulation.

Water therapies can be used to train the skin to more efficiently regulate warmth and circulation of the body. It can stimulate the immune system, help increase the body's white blood cell count, aid the body in purging itself of accumulated toxins, and produce a state of general relaxation essential to the healing process.

Cold-water stepping, dew walking, dry brushing and lymph drainage are all useful in stimulating the skin.

Regular swimming in cold water is excellent for increasing the body's resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Take a cold bath or shower daily for a few seconds to improve the circulation and immune system.

Hot or cold water administered externally or internally can be effective in treating conditions ranging from stress and pain to the many toxins, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can cause disease.

Compresses and packs stimulate the immune system and help increase the body's white blood cell count.


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