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Yoga to cure low blood pressure

Unless caused by shock, loss of blood and cancer that could be life threatening, low blood pressure can be easily managed with yogic asanas, writes Bijoylaxmi Hota
It is often said that low blood pressure is healthier for the body than high blood pressure. It may be true but only when it is marginally lower than the normal range of 120 systolic, and 80 diastolic. The symptoms of low blood pressure can be quite

pranayama are the most effective. Practices such as suryanamaskar, katichakrasana and trikonasana speed up the blood circulation and exercise and energize the heart, while the dynamic pranayama bhastrika increases the blood pressure almost

unpleasant Sufferers complain of dizziness, intolerance towards heat and light, lack of energy and sometimes-fainting spells. Barring the life threatening low blood pressure, which is the result of shock, loss of blood, infections, fevers and cancer that calls for emergency medical treatment this condition can be easily cured with yoga. The cause of low blood pressure first needs to be determined to treat it correctly. When diabetes, arteriosclerosis and medication from high blood pressure are the causative factors, yogic practices that counter these ailments need to be followed. And for non-specific low blood pressure, dynamic asanas and
instantaneously. That is why people suffering from high blood pressure should never attempt this pranayama


  • Sit in a meditative pose such vajrasana, sukhasana or padmasana with hands on the knees in chinmudra (ie touching the be of the thumb with the res tive fore fingers and turni the palms out)
  • Practice forced and rap breathing both for inhalat and for exhalation, maintaining the ratio 1:1
  • The motion resembles the pumping of a bellow
  • Repeat 20 times to mak one round
  • Practice for 3 rounds
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