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Intelligent Artificial Mind

New Technology Arrives

Coming, a more intelligent artificial mind

Made of Silicon,Golg & Copper, The 'Brain' May Be Answer To Insanity When It Rolls Out In 2018

An Artificial mind,perhaps much more intelligent than your own,may someday be a reality, scientists say.
A swiss team,led by Henry Markram, of the Brain Mind Institute at Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne, claims to be working on the world's first artificial conscious and intelligent mind,made of silicon,gold,and copper, which theysay would be ready latest by 2018.

According to Markram, the artificial mind would render vivisection obsolete, conquer insanity and even improve human intelligence and ability to learn.

What Markram's 'Blue Brain' project amounts to is an audacious attempt to build a computerised copy of a brain, then progressing to a human brain - inside one of the world's most powerful computers, British news-paper the Daily Mail reported.
This will bring into being a sentient mind that will be able to think,reason,express will, lay down memories and perhaps even experience love, anger, pain, sadness and joy,according to the scientists.

The Swiss team is in fact building what it hopes will be a real person, or at least the most important and complex part of a real person - it's mind. And so instead of trying to copy what a brain does, the scientists have started at the bottom, with the biological brain itself.

As human brains are full of nerve cells called neurons, which communicate with each other using minuscule electrical impulses, the project takes apart actual brains cell by cell, analyses the billions of connections between the cells, and then polts these connections into a computer.

The upshot is, in effect, a blue-print or carbon copy of a brain,rendered in software rather than flesh and blood. The idea is that by building a model of a real brain, it might begin to behave like the real thing, the scientists say.

Markram has already showed a machine that resembles an infernal torture engine; a wheel about 2ft across with a dozen ultra-fine glass 'spokes' aimed at the centre. It is here that tiny silvers of rat brain are dissected, using tools finer than a human hair.

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